You know how usually the first time you buy a pair of Louis Vuitton heals, or your first Burberry trench you realize fashion is so much more than just fabric, its a piece of art? I had a revelation, similiar to that one, but it was when I figured out that I could hem my grandmas old vintage skirt into something new, and fashionable. It all started two years ago in grade ten fashion class, being a left handed girl, I had lots of trouble cutting, and sewing, I immediately knew I wasnt born to be a desginer, I guess it really clicked when my teacher said I sew like im on drugs. That was just the comment I needed, after that I started to thrive, and discover the inside fashion world through many subscriptions to magazines, photo journalism books, the ridiculous amount of fashionable celebrities and also through my love of fashion photography. I know someday, I will be a part of the fashion world, whether its still being a constant subscriber to Vogue and Interview, or I will be the one editing on those magazines. We will let the fates of fashion decide that one.  So when you see us on the street, do stop, in the name of fashion.