The first thing I think about every morning while I'm still in bed, "what am I going to wear today?...", a very important question for me because fashion is a huge part of my life. I love the self expression, because who wants to look like everyone else? When I see someone who has a fantastic outfit, a sudden urge comes over me to tell them, because lets be honest, it feels nice to hear that someones appreciates the decision you made this morning when you were staring at your closet. I have been sewing since grade nine and alter or sew most of my outfits. I became very serious about fashion within the last few years, realizing I love it enough to make a career out of it! I have been accepted into the Ryerson Fashion Design program where I will be learning the chops I need to make in the industry.  One day I will be showing my collection in New York Fashion Week, designing for Gaga and having lunch with Marc Jacobs...you'll see.

- Daniel J.