Friday, May 21, 2010

Let the Glamour Begin!

Today the GSG crew headed downtown on our first search for the stylish gems which define Peterborough's fashion identity. Claire brought her Canon Rebel, Dan brought incredible ideas, and I had a sunburn. Our first stop was at the heart of Peterborough's fashion district, Plush. There we found not only incredible style but news of a Sex and the City event which is occuring next saturday, and will surely attract fashion's finest. We continued our journey down George Street, hitting up S.O.S, Flavour, taking photos and asking subjects to describe their style in one word. After hearing everything from "summery" to "skidball," we called it a day. Enjoy the photos, who's knows? You might be next.

Check out the Flavour blog for some familiar faces:

and the S.O.S blog:

--thanks so much guys!

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